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Martin Janda, English to Czech Translator and Interpreter

Are you running a clinical trial in the Czech Republic and need clear and understandable documentation in Czech? Or perhaps you need an experienced conference interpreter for your investigator meeting?

Perhaps you want to launch a medical device, drug or other product on the Czech market? Or you have a website, software or marketing text that needs to be especially clear and read VERY WELL in Czech?  Are you visiting a business partner or speaking at a conference in the Czech Republic and need to understand and be understood?

You’ve found your answer.


About Me

Translation as an Adventure

After graduating from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, I started my career as a research biochemist. For a while I sold timeshare contracts and worked at Czech TV, finally ending up as a translator in 1995. Since then I have firmly believed that sooner or later, your nature will get you to do the job you are meant to do. I enjoy creating translations, not just replacing one word with another. And when finally, after combing the web for ten minutes, I find the right Czech term for a peculiar English word used by farmers in the Orkney Islands or surgeons at the Mayo Clinic, I feel like a gold digger who has just found a gorgeous nugget of gold.


Why Choose Me

You can find dozens upon dozens of Czech translators on the internet. So why should you choose me? Here are a few reasons:

  • - 20 years in the translation business – that’s a LOT of experience that your Czech texts will like
  • - PhD in Biochemistry, 7 years in an R&D lab, both parents MDs – no problem with subtleties in medical terminology or technical texts

  • Localizer and on-site SW tester for MS and IBM for 6 years. This helps me make your Czech SW, UI, manuals and EULAs clear and understandable
  • - Excellent writing skills (7 years as a literary translator) – your Czech texts will be concise, clear and easy to read

  • - Working regularly as a simultaneous interpreter at conferences, I am in constant touch with the live professional community – which means your texts will include industry standard language
  • -  Our team of experienced translators is available to help with your large projects and short deadlines

  • - Service orientation. When the unexpected happens, you need someone who is on your side and understands your needs. I am always happy to help.


What's new?

14. 10. 2017

Helped with a Sponsor audit at a clinical study site. Not that much fun like a conference but a valuable hands-on experience – you can talk with investigators, see the files, learn their lingo... Plus an orthodontist conference and a completely different stuff – a European Work Council meeting in the Northern Bohemia.

29. 8. 2017

Not too many conferences in summer, so I had more time to focus on translation projects and to play with new translation tools. Aside from working with Memsource on several projects, I started to use Megaword, a speech-to-text software which has a huge potential to boost my productivity. (Unfortunately, I cannot use Dragon, as it does not support Czech.)

19. 7. 2017

I had a challenging task to interpret a training course for Czech football/soccer coaches. A fascinating world, very different from that of medicine. Also, I am working on an exciting translation project – a tourist website of a major Arabic city.

22. 6. 2017

A long series of business conferences/seminars this month, a training course for Mercedes sales staff and the first translation project using the SDL Studio Groupshare cloud platform.

18. 4. 2017

Did a couple simultaneous over-the-phone interpreting events this month, each was a several-hour medical conference. The setting is much more complex than that of a conventional over-the-phone interpreting: A web platform, several languages, several speakers, several communication lines... and not only that the client and audience were in different counties, but even my booth partner was located some 50 miles away.


Martin Janda, PhD.

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