Martin Janda

Translations Made Crisp and Clear.


  • Translation and localization (sorry, but no editing/proofreading/reviewing of 3rd party translations- I've had very bad experience with quality)
  • Transcreation - translating your text very loosely, or rather recreating Czech content based on your source file. Conveying the gist of the story rather than words. The perfect solution for marketing texts.
  • Large project management leveraging my team of experienced translators.
  • Interpreting, both consecutive and simultaneous: Conferences, seminars and training sessions. Clinical Trial Investigator Meetings, CRA meetings, FDA inspections, regulatory audits and more.
  • Software QA and onsite linguistic testing.
  • Second opinion in translation quality disputes and help with disaster recoveries following client quality complaints.



  • Medical trial manuals/documentation: X-ray/CT lab instructions, IVRS guides, sampling instructions, informed consents....translated for Synarc, Covance, Medimmune, Aventis, Novartis and more. Well over 900k words
  • Medical device IFUs: Catheter, irrigation and laparoscopy instruments for Arrow Int'l, Bard Access Systems, Davol, Guidant, Micrus, Orbus, Portex, Tyco... (well over 700k words)
  • IVD product inserts for DAKO, 3M, BectonDickinson and more... (400k+ words)


  • Dozens of pharmacological (drug documentation) projects - SPC/PIL/Labelling for Aventis, AstraZeneca, BMS, J&J, Sanofi, Pfizer, Roche.... with strict adherence to EMA templates and EDQM terminology (MedDRA upon request) 

Bio/Chemistry: MSDS and Patents

  • Biochemical patents - compounds, inhibitors, formulas...
  • MSDS projects for BASF, Agri Lloyd, SAP -300k+ words

Other Life Sciences (Veterinary, Agriculture, and more)

  • Veterinary SPCs/PILs/Labelling (over 150k words translated)
  • Herbicide manuals
  • Chicken broiler breeding instructions


  • IBM WebSphere Portal - 4-year localization project for IBM's enterprise SW solution (250k+ words) and several QAs, incl. four 4-week testing events at IBM's development labs in the United States and Germany
  • Software manuals: McAfee, NTI Corp, Autodesk... 450k words
  • Hardware user manuals: Dell, HP, Creative Labs, Trust, Targus, Sandisk: digital cameras, wireless devices, PC and mobil accessories; MP3/MP4 players. Over 600k words
  • Worked as Microsoft's Czech Language Specialist (Language QA) for MS Office XP, Windows XP, 2003 Server, Office 2003. Over 2 million words
  • Cell phone UI onsite testing project, one week at Nokia labs, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Allen &Overy Czech: translated for the Czech branch of a London-based legal firm
  • Business legal contracts for Electrolux Czech
  • Dozens of EULA agreements for Microsoft, McAfee and more
  • Dozens of Clinical Trial Agreements for sponsors from all over the world


  • Websites for e-merchants ranging from gaming (Skout) to hardware (Western Digital) and banking (Western Union)
  • CBTs, e-learning and training portals, including English courses, clinical trial training courses, tire dealer training, and more


  • Medical device manuals. I am especially proud of the one for the DaVinci S surgical robot - hundreds of pages, highly technical text
  • Hardware manuals for computer peripherals, MP3 players and more...


  • Translation projects for British Telecom, Vodafone, Cisco, Nortel... 150k words
  • Worked for Oskar (now Vodafone) as a translator and interpreter when launching their business in the Czech Republic



Martin Janda, PhD.

Cell: +420 604 706 107


Skype: martinjanda

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